Obesity And Its Effects On Society Essay examples

1965 Words Dec 9th, 2015 8 Pages
When people in society think about the perfect body, one thing comes to mind and that is being pretty skinny. We see this so called “perfect body image” everywhere we look: in the movies, in ads, and on magazines. Society deems that these people are perfect, and whoever doesn’t fit this image, must be bad. This kind of thinking really hurts all people, but especially obese people. Not only do regular-weight people in society typically think that obese people are less, but research shows that this thought process actually actually creates a stigma around people who carry extra weight. This stigma around obesity is not only created by all the ads that proclaim that skinny people are better people such as the TV ads that only show skinny people having fun and having a good time, but people in the medical world think and act in a certain way that also create a stigma around obesity. Research shows that doctors are hesitant to give these people help because they think there is not hope for them, and this lack of help, plunges the obese people in society even farther down. When obese people feel as though they cannot get help, they become much more depressed. When looking at how obese people are treated and how they feel emotionally, it is clear that there is a strong stigma around obesity and obese people, and therefore they have a deteriorating view of themselves because they can’t get help, and this lack of help can mentally affect obese people. When thinking about societal…

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