Obesity : A Serious Problem Essay

1284 Words Oct 27th, 2015 null Page
Obesity has become a serious problem in the last thirty years. When we think of obesity, we usually would just think of overweight people and our thought process would stop there. What most people don’t think about is what contributes to obesity. There is not just one cause, there are many, and they all coincide with each other. While people believe that it’s entirely the governments fault, others believe that it’s entirely our storefront’s fault. Some even believe that it isn’t even a public health crisis. Obesity is a serious, growing issue with many factors that aren’t making the future very bright for children of this generation. Section eighteen of “They Say, I Say” is filled with articles to promote awareness of the warnings that we may not notice that play a large role in obesity. I found Marion Nestle’s article titled “The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate” to be very insightful. In her article, she talks about how the grocery store organizes their store in a way to make you see (and want to buy) more stuff. This includes placement throughout the store, how popular items are and where they should be placed, and things to put next to each other for maximum exposure. As I read through it, I realized how true it really is. In the introduction of her article, she says, “…they do everything possible to make the choice theirs, not yours” (Nestle 497). Coming to the realization that this is a true statement made me wonder how much of a factor grocery store set-ups play a role…

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