Essay on Obama 's Presidential Party For The White House

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After her time as the first lady, Hillary Clinton secured a seat in the senate, and then served as the secretary of state in the white house under Obama. (4) She was also a lawyer who worked on the Watergate scandal. (5) On the 12th of April 2015, she officially announced her candidacy for president.(1) In her campaign video she said, “Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.” (18) Clinton is the top choice for the Democratic Party to keep the white house. She appeals to every demographic, especially the African-Americans of the nation, while other Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders who comes from a 95% white state, don’t appeal as much. (2) “The biggest question is whether Clinton 's unimpeded path to the nomination is a product of her political strength, or a sign that Democrats don 't have any other candidates who can appeal to their diverse constituency.” (2)
As of April 12, 2015 Clinton had a 48 percent favorable rating and a 46 percent unfavorable rating, and took nearly almost 60 percent of the primary vote. (3) In the article: “The Indispensable Hillary Clinton” by Jamelle Bouie, they state:
The answer for why Clinton is so popular (among Democrats, at least) is easy: Not only is she strongly associated with one of the most well-liked presidents in recent memory—her husband, Bill Clinton—but she also retains considerable goodwill from her first presidential campaign and her service in Obama’s State Department, where she disproved the…

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