Obama Care Stigma

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I am a current resident of Clark County and I am expressing my concern about a travesty that I feel is taking place in our community and also our society as a whole. As Obama care continues to roll out, more people are finding themselves on State insurance (Medicaid). Due to this I am finding that there is a massive increase in the amount of stigma that comes along with being on this insurance. Whether it is due to being unemployed, underemployed or that their employer doesn’t offer insurance people are being treated poorly because of the insurance they carry. Why do we live in a society that recognizes success based off of the car you drive, the career path you chose or in this case the type of medical insurance you carry.
I don’t believe
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Until I tried to use it, I tried to call and make an appointment and the receptionist said they were booked out for 2 months, I decided to cancel since I had no plans on my cold lasting two months. But I decided to call Clark United Providers to change the managed care plan that had been chosen for me to something that I felt would be more cohesive to my life style which was not having to wait for 2 months for an office visit. I was greeted by a young man who was upset with me from the beginning of the conversation, he started out by saying “how can I help you today” and that quickly turned into malice and ill content. He was rude, short tempered and had the audacity to refer to me as “one of those people”. I quickly and harshly responded with “ what did you just say to me”, he explained to me that everyone calls and wants to be switched off of the plan they are assigned and he felt that made a lot of extra work for him. I explained my circumstances to him, in an effort to defend myself as not being “one of those people”, what was I doing? Am I seriously defending my right to be covered for my medical needs? Yes, I was and at that moment I stopped, I calmly explained to this young man that we all deserve access to health insurance and I would not explain my circumstances or my need for insurance to him. I asked to speak to a supervisor who I informed in great detail how I used to

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