O Sweet Holy Mother Of Jesus Essay

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O sweet holy mother of Jesus, how had it come to this, she had to make the biggest decision of her life and she was fecked if she knew what to do. What was it to be, live or die? She couldn 't decide, not at the moment anyway, so many thoughts were going through her mind, sad, unhappy, painful memories of her life clouding any rational thought she might have had, then he spoke and her mind cleared a little. 'It 's okay Karen, I won 't rush you, I have the ability to stall time for a while, not too long mind, but in the end, you must decide your own fate. '
She looked at him again he had a nice friendly smile, his hair was, well, quite strange, it was almost pure white and thin, his skin was very pale and had a greyish tinge. His eyes were black, not black as in after a few punches, his whole eyes were black and also almond shaped. She realised he wasn 't human, well like no human she had ever seen before. he was an alien. 'Oh my god ' she shouted, you 're an alien, an ET, O feck did I die? is this Heaven? ' she asked him.
You are very much alive Karen and you are on my ship, yes a spaceship and I 've brought you here to help you once again. '
He smiled at her, for some reason she felt reassured, she believed him, she didn 't know how or why but she knew that she could trust him and broke down crying. She realised that what she was experiencing was something that not many human beings had before, she was having a close encounter of the fourth kind. Despite this,…

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