Essay on Nutritional Definitions Of Food Foods

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Nutritional terms
Food-is a substances that a human takes in to feed the body and it can be a solid or a liquid
Meals- It is a traditional pattern that most people follow each day by eating three main meals throughout each day.
Diet-This is the types of food which an individual intakes a day. This is not always referred to as someone who wants to lose weight.
Snacks-They are foods which a person has between meals, some people have snacks if they are hungry.
Nutrients- They are specific chemicals elements from foods which provide the body with energy, growth, and repair. Different nutrients include carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins.
Malnutrition-it is when the body does not receive enough nutrients to help the body function properly.
Under-nutrition- it is a deficiency of calories or nutrients and it can result in not being able to digest food.
Over-nutrition – This is when you eat too many of the wrong things or too many of the same vitamins of what you require to eat.
Deficiency-it is when you don’t have enough of one type of vitamin in your body or you have a medical condition that means you cannot have a type of vitamin.
Body Mass Index (BMI)-this tells you how much you weigh by telling you if you are overweight or underweight. To calculate this you need to divide your weight by height squared and then times by hundred.
Obesity- It is a condition in which excessive fat is build-up in adipose tissue damages health. By having a body mass index…

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