Essay on Nutrition Labeling For Nutritional Education

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Is Enough Emphasis Placed on Nutritional Education in the United States In today’s society emphasis in education is placed mostly in the things we can do for others and not the things we can do for ourselves. So when a large percentage of the population has an eating disorder or is malnourished should more emphasis be placed on nutritional education in schools?
Lisa Miller describes in her article "Misunderstanding Of Front-Of-Package Nutrition Information On US Food Products." how the average misinformed consumer is misled by many of the new targeting Front-Of-Package nutrition symbols. Many times the nutrition labels on the front make a product seem like a healthy choice when in reality its low carbs could help it hide its ridiculous sodium content. In a study, using advanced measurements such as eye tracking, it has been shown that selection of a food product was made base on the Front-of-Package nutrition labels instead of the rear nutrition label. Furthermore many of the test subjects were ill-informed on what the FOP labels even represented showing as obscure facts as a 5% daily dose of vitamin C. From this study It can be concluded that many Americans do not have the tools necessary to interpret what the proper dietary portion is and even if they do they are distracted by marketing techniques.
Similarly in other first world countries a connection is found between consumerism and the ignorance of nutritional awareness. In China a similar result was found to the…

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