Nursing 's Historical Image Vs. Contemporary Society 's Image Of Nursing

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Professional image is the corner stone of an individual’s portrayal to their clients. These preconceived notions, either true or false, lead to the public’s understanding and opinion of the nursing profession. Whether it is the woman in a classic white uniform or a man in lose fitting scrubs, the image of nursing is apparent in the public’s eye. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast nursing’s historical image vs. contemporary society’s image of nursing, describe how the public’s image affects recruitment into nursing, and finally discuss strategies that can improve the professional image of nursing.
Nursing’s image has gone through many changes throughout its rich history. In the Victorian era, nursing image was portrayed in Charles Dickens’ novel Martin Chuzzlewit in a negative light. Throughout the novel, nursing was shown to be an undesirable career. The nursing image was further damaged by Nurse Gamp’s apathetic, drunken, and disheveled portrayal (Cherry, 2014, p. 24). However, the Victorian image of nursing was later strengthen with the release of Sainta Philomena. The literary work discussed Florence Nightingale’s role in formulating the nursing profession and her involvement with developing the field of statistics (Cherry, 2014, p. 24). Historical events also influenced the public’s perception of nursing. During world war one, the image of nurse transitioned into the role of an intelligent well cultured and powerful woman largely due to the marketing…

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