Personal Reflection In Nursing

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A personal reflection I found was in May of 2015. The patient was a female and 87 years old. The first couple of symptoms that were experienced by the patient 's daughter was her mother fell out of bed, could not get up and does not remember that ever happening. After this incident the mother could not live alone anymore and her daughters slept over to see if anything else happens. She was starting to gradually lose her motor skills and was refusing a doctor 's help. Eventually she went to see a doctor and at this point there was no diagnosis yet, but her hallucinations were becoming a lot worse as she was thinking she was in war from long ago. June 26th a turning point because as they were leaving she thought they were kidnapping her and the …show more content…
The patient was male in early 80s. The first downfall for this person was confusion. He could not do the easiest things that he did his whole life and he started to lose his motor skills where he could not get out of bed easily and would get stuck all the time. When he had a stroke they put him in a nursing home which was not the best thing because it was like a waiting game waiting for the nurses to respond and help him. He then would get angry and then started to have a bigger downfall because of the nursing home. He can barely speak now because his language skills have declined and for example instead of watching TV he would watch other people because he was starting to not understand what was going on. Every day was different with this patient, some days he could have normal conversations and other days he would have no clue what was going on and who was there. Toward the last of his stages he started to not be able to breathe correctly and would have 40 minute intervals where he wouldn’t breathe. On his last days he took his last breathe and passed …show more content…
These motor skills are what make a person able to live and do things on there own, but when they start to shut down then it makes it difficult to be on there own all the time. This video is of an older person with LBD that can’t get out of bed. It is as if he is glued to the bed and there is no possible way for him to get up and is unaware what he is trying to do.
This is just an example of the struggles people with LBD go through and they can’t do anything about it because it is there brain that is starting to fade and can’t be treated. This dementia is sad to watch or experience because it shows a reality that it can one day happen to one of us and the outcome is fearful. As spoken about first stages are motor skills go away, language deteriorates and they start to stop

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