Nurse Responsibilities And Professional Competence And Boundaries

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The definition of misconduct is unacceptable behaviour by the counsellor that morally and legally impedes the code of ethics. The misconduct that has been chosen for this paper is counsellor responsibilities, professional competence and boundaries. This misconduct underpins attribution theory; is the theory of how a person interprets events through thinking and behaviour. Counsellors responsibilities are defined as the counsellor is ethically and morally responsible for the counselling relationship between themselves and client. Professional competence is the practiced skills and knowledge the counsellor applies during therapy. Boundaries are the counsellor’s responsibility that counselling relationships remains a professional relationship and are nonsexual. Research completed by David & Jessica Burkholder will explore the misconduct and reasons why students violate ethical codes of conduct. Following will be examples of how counsellor responsibilities, professional competence and boundaries are neglected or ignored. Subsequently the legal ramifications and conduct ramifications studied by Trigg and Robinson will be considered. Finally the impact of the abuse has on the client, counsellor, the counselling relationship, the counselling process, the organisation and the societies perception of the counselling profession. The potential risks and consequences of ethical abuse are; emotional problems of the client, counsellor is more concerned about themselves than…

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