Notes On The Flowering Dogwood Essay

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Paragraph 1: Naming
For the Flowering Dogwood, the Latin name is “Cornus florida”. “Cornus” derives from the word “cornu”, which today translates into a “horn”. Cornus refers to the hard wood the tree has. While “florida” stems from the Latin word “flos”, which is understood as “flower” or “flowery”. The common name for Cornus florida is Flowering Dogwood. “Flowering” comes from showy spring flowers the tree displays, while “dogwood” was most likely named after it was believed that early colonial people used the wood from the tree to make skewers, which were commonly referred to as “dogs”.
Like all living organisms, the Flowering Dogwood has a detailed taxonomy. Because the Flowering Dogwood is a tree, and thus a plant, it belongs to the kingdom Plantae. The phylum it belongs to is Embryophyta. It belongs to the class Magnoliopsida (dicotyledons). The order it belongs to is Cornales. The family it belongs to is Cornaceae (dogwoods). The genus it belongs to is Cornus (dogwoods). And finally, the species it belongs to is Cornus florida.
Paragraph 2: Description (general description) The Flowering Dogwood can be interchangeably described as a small tree or a shrub. It is deciduous, which means it sheds its leaves annually, and multi-branched. A fully grown and mature tree normally has the rounded crown shade, which just resembles a circle. When the branches expand horizontally, they occasionally exceed the length of their actual height. The tree can grow up to a relatively…

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