Not A Tale Told By An Idiot Essay

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Not a tale told by an idiot
“Life… is a tale told by an idiot,” the title character laments in Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy, Macbeth. Not if Mark Brozel were the director, Tiffany Hales discovers; his 2005 adaptation of Macbeth an artful study of the human psyche that both Shakespeare aficionados and film buffs will love. When it came to translating Shakespeare’s bloodiest play into a modern context, Mark Brozel set himself a hard task. With some suspicious – and racist – witches, questionable beliefs about gender roles, and a whole lot of homicide, Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth does not exactly lend itself to becoming a modern adaptation. Surely a tale about regicide and ancient power struggles should stay in the 17th century?
However, with his careful characterisation of central characters, unique re-shaping of key relationships, and cunning use of symbols and metaphors, Brozel has succeeded; the BBC’s ShakespeaRe-Told: Macbeth a unique study of the human psyche, and what happens when deception and ambition override and destroy human relationships.
With an abundance of freshly sharpened steel knives and blood on every surface, Brozel defied expectations of setting – surely a tale about politics and power struggles belongs in Canberra? – by placing the murderous Scottish King Macbeth into a kitchen and transforming him into the high-class sous-chef, Joe Macbeth (James McAvoy), whose lust for power is translated to an irrevocable desire to one day own the…

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