Essay on Not A M The Corruption Associated

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Be a Man: The Corruption Associated Battle, power, beat and ultimate: these are just a few words used to describe boys’ toys. Love, magic, friendship, and fun are used more commonly for girl toys (Smith). Contradicting each other greatly in their sense of meaning. From a young age boys are taught to be “manly”, and these words justify this. Learning young to just “buck up” or “don’t cry” can greatly affect a young boys childhood and even affect how he acts once he reaches manhood. Questioning what masculinity really is can confuse a boy in any stage of his life because of what was always “taught” to him. The stigma that boys need to act stronger, smarter, and more in charge than girls is greatly thrusted upon in society. The American culture should change its perception about masculinity because of boys’ emotional pain that can be endured and the physical repercussions of the pressure to be masculine. Relating to the words illustrated for boys’ toys, society’s view of masculinity is just alike. Michael Kimmel, a Sociology Professor at the Stony Brook University in New York, asked his students one day what it meant to be a good man. There were many responses including, “Caring,” “Honest,” and “Putting other’s needs before yours.” Following that, Kimmel asked what it meant to be a real man. His students then said, “Take charge; be authoritative,” “Take risks,” “Suppressing any kind of weakness,” and “Talk like a man . . . Walk like a man. Never cry” (qtd. in Bennett).…

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