`` Northanger Abbey ' : A Coming Of Age Story Of An Average, Naive, And Imaginative

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Northanger Abbey is a coming of age story of an average, naïve, and imaginative girl, Catherine. The excerpt from this novel is particularly interesting and is in the voice of a narrator, which we assume is Jane Austen’s voice through analyzing the voice and word choice of the text. The excerpt covers a description of Catherine’s friendship with Isabella, which is used to lead into Austen’s discussion of novels in context to the times in regards to her fellow novel writers. A lot can be learned about Austen through the close reading of this passage. Austen appears to be revealing personal thoughts. Austen reveals her distaste for rash judgments of people and friendships and more importantly her frustration with novelists and their judges.
This first sentence of the passage uses one of Austen’s favorite techniques often labeled as a tripod. Throughout this passage Austen uses her beloved tripod. Examples of her tripods are sprinkled throughout the novel and throughout this particular passage. For example, “pride, ignorance, or fashion” and “genius, wit, and taste,” these tripods are used as descriptions or simple lists. She divides the first sentence into three separate, but related thoughts, remaining with her tripod technique. A summary of these three parts is first that Catherine and Isabella quickly became affectionate friends, second that their friendship went through all the undefined steps of friendship swiftly, and third that because their friendship formed so…

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