Essay on Norms That Are Rules That People Of A Society

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In society we follow Norms which are rules that people of a society follow. Norms can change depending on different cultures , or what part of the world you live in. There are numbers of norms that we follow, some norms we tend to pick up on, so Norms we don’t. I have chosen a very specific norm to and break it and see how people around me will react. The norm I broke was facing the right was when on an elevator.

The reason why I choose this Norm was that I felt it was one that can be easily be broken, and I will get the interested and enetrain reactions from the people who was on the elevator. I heard a lot about the norm being broken multiple times, and I for one wanted to do my experiment. I also read a few of the experiemtn that I found online, and had a good understanding of different ways people have done this experiment and how hilarious some of the reaction was. Another reason why I chosed this Norm was that I felt that it was one that wouldn’t bring any harm to me. I felt that I wasn’t doing anything illegal, but it would also attract a lot of attention, where I could get people to react and be a part of the expereimt.

I also chosed this norm to explore a question of how different clutures might react differelty in breaking this norm. The culture I had in mind was the east African culture that Augsburg was in the middle of .I myelf is desecdant from east Africa. Where my family is 100 perecent Somaili. I had a few ideas of how they might react to me breaking…

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