Normal And Abnormal Behavior Are On A Continuum Essay

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a. Normal and abnormal behavior are on a continuum.

What is considered normal and what is considered abnormal? It is often difficult to distinguish between what is normal vs what isn’t. Normally a person might take what they view in their particular culture and use it as the standard for how one acts, behaves, looks etc. But with normal and abnormal behavior on a continuum what may be thought of as odd, or abnormal in one culture may be completely normal in another. Normal and abnormal behavior lying on a continuum means that normal and abnormal behaviors aren’t perceptively different from one another. Often times a person may classify something as normal by showering it with a bunch of subjective individualistic criteria based off their experiences in their own culture, or society. Abnormality is relativistic and varies from culture to culture. The manifestation of normal behavior is not so apparent due the inability to classify it as normal. Deciding classifies something as normal or abnormal behavior relies heavily on subjective criteria which is often dissimilar to other cultures, but on a continuum the traits that are directly categorized into either normal or abnormal aren’t necessarily distinct and often times vary from culture to culture.
While it is difficult to distinguish between normal and abnormal behavior, things such as gender, status, age, religious affiliations etc., are used to identify the degree to which a behavior is normal, or abnormal. For example, it…

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