Nonverbal Communication And The Communication Essay

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Of all the types of communication, nonverbal communication is easy to overlook because it requires more than just basic listening skills to interpret. As defined by Wood (2013), nonverbal communication is comprised of “all communication other than words”. (p. 90) As there are many different parts to nonverbal communication, it is challenging to define and control however it plays an enormous role in establishing the relationship-level meaning of our communications. (Wood, 2013) There are three established dimensions of the relationship-level meaning that nonverbal communication conveys. (Wood, 2013)
Responsiveness is the first, and it refers to showing interest in others while liking refers more to how we feel about a person and whether these feelings are positive or not. Power is the final dimension, and it refers to how we either show dominance or submission as well as assert our status within a group, culture, or society. (Wood, 2013) While all of these are interconnected in the system of nonverbal communication, this essay will delve more deeply into analysis of the aspect of power as well as social status in the film My Fair Lady and how it is shown through the ten types of nonverbal behaviors: Kinesics, haptics, physical appearance, olfactics, artifacts, proxemics, environmental factors, chronemics, paralanguage, and silence. I will also discuss how nonverbal communication is often learned and is able to be shaped and changed by careful training, another major plot…

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