Non Normative Life Events Essay

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Non-normative life events are life events that are unique and do not happen to all people. When my grandmother was 10 years old her parents got divorced. This is a common occurrence now but in the 1940s this was not so common. She frequently experienced bullying because of it and said that children would refuse to play with her, she said they were mean to her and it made her extremely sad the way people treated her. A few years later her dad remarried and she had a new stepmother. Her stepmother was “not very nice and resented me because I was from my fathers first marriage. My stepmother told me when I left home it was the happiest day of her life.” This changed how Adrienne was going to be a mother and how she was as a person. She made sure that she never treated children like that, whether they were her children or anyone else’s. She told me “It made me a better person, which is a funny thing to stay, but you learn from things that happen to you.” She said she learned that she didn’t want to be hurtful and critical to her own children and that not to say things when you’re mad because you can never take anything back once you say it. In the 1950s Adrienne joined the Air Force, she was one of the first group of women to be able to join. It was a great time in her life and she had a lot of fun being in the Air Force, she was a team leader and said she enjoyed being able to lead people. She spoke about how when she first moved to Colorado she fell in love with the mountains…

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