Essay about Nomads Of The Asian Steppe : The Steppe

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Nomads of the Asian Steppe: The steppe is a vast piece dry grassland- the western one runs from Central Asia to Eastern Europe and the eastern one covers Mongolia. Nomadic people roamed the steppes herding their animals. Clans of nomads often interacted with settle societies through trade; however, sometimes weak settlements were raided by strong nomadic clans.
• Pastoralists: pastoralists were nomads who herded domesticated animals and were constantly on the move in search of pasture for their herds. They depended on their herds for food, clothing, and shelter. Rather than wandering, the nomads followed a familiar seasonal pattern and often returned to regular campsites.
• Clans: kinship groups pastoralists traveled together in. Clans sometimes join forces to attack a common enemy or raid their settled neighbors. Occasionally, strong clans can conquer an empire and become rulers.
The Rise of the Mongols: Genghis Khan moves on to conquer Asia after becoming the leader of the Mongols. He then continues to conquer much of Asia for the next 21 years. As a conqueror, Genghis Khan had many notable characteristics, such as being a great organizer, talented strategist, and his ability to use cruelty as a weapon.
• Genghis Khan: a Mongol clan leader named Temujin. He accepted the title of Genghis Khan (“universal ruler”) in 1206 after unifying the Mongols under his leadership. He invaded the northern Jin Empire in 1211, then the Islamic region to the west of Mongolia. He’d…

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