`` Nobody Mean More Me Than You, And The Future Life Of Willie Jordan 's Death

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From reading June Jordan’s text, “Nobody Mean More to Me Than You, and the Future Life of Willie Jordan,” the students’ decision to write in Black English regarding the circumstances of Reginald Jordan’s death is something I can indirectly relate to. But before I get into that, let’s go over the several advantages and disadvantages of writing in this form of english that deviates greatly from the normalities of Standard English. The main issue in writing about Reginald Jordan’s death in Black English is that the general public won’t have much of an understanding of what is being discussed because the way the preface is written in Black English) also results in the lack of publicity in the media. But in a way, writing in Black English serves as an advantage giving a voice to the black community, something that can only be understood by themselves specifically even changing the way they act, feel, and think as opposed to somebody else that does not live in the same way as they do. It is a communication that only they can understand. After all, Black English is something I can relate because back in my home state of Hawai’i, we have our own method of communication unique to only us. I’m not sure if most people know this but Hawai’i is quite a mystical place the more I think about it. Besides the rich history, diverse cultures, the beautiful sights, beaches, volcanoes and such, I am sure most mainlanders have no idea what pidgin is. Just as Black English is used primarily by…

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