No Place Better Exemplifies Bricolages Than A Shared, College Bedroom

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No place better exemplifies bricolages than a shared, college bedroom. Bricolages are “compositions designed by combining pre-existing designs” which “express their creator’s identity and worldview, consciously or unconsciously” (Huhtamo, Meeting 1, 20). Bricolages are analyzed through semiotics, the analysis of culture through interpretations of signs (Huhtamo, “Basic Concepts” 257). College is where many first experience living with people who are not family. In a shared bedroom, styles and tastes that reflect the various backgrounds and experiences of the occupants come together. Such a room is a bricolage on many levels, beginning with the pre-existing room design through the melding of different people’s styles, and the arrangement of each individual’s space. The bricolage created by my bedroom in my UCLA apartment communicates the harmonious melding of different personalities aimed toward a common goal: personal growth.
Once all of our belongings were moved in, the synthesis of a bricolage emerged from each of our styles. We each claimed an area of the room as our own, filling it with objects that communicated need to sleep and study in the same room. Not only so our styles come together but our belongings are made up of hand-me-downs, gifts from departing students, and new purchases, all different sources of input to our bricolage. Figure 1 shows a panorama of my room. The image shows that, even though we are very different people, we each have similar tastes in some…

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