No Daughter By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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As kids we all want our parents to be proud of who we are and what we become. Everything we do, we try to make them happy because it allows us to feel better about ourselves. After reading “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros, I noticed that in one of the paragraphs Cisneros states that she does all her writing for her dad. In the beginning, I wondered why she stated this. Why not write your stories for yourself; If she enjoys writing so much why does she care so much about what her dad thinks? These questions got me thinking, all she wanted was for her dad to be proud of what she accomplished. I believe she included this statement to make the readers see that she didn’t only do writing for herself, she did it to try and make her dad see that college helped her in a bigger way than just finding marriage. Throughout the essay Sandra talks about how she feels lonely and like her father doesn’t really approve of her and that’s why she started writing. This becomes very clear when she writes “In a sense, everything I have ever written has been for him, to win his approval even though I know my father can’t read English…” (1). So Cisneros father couldn’t even read English but she still wrote for him. This seemed to puzzle me, why spend all that energy trying to write what she believes her father would like when he can’t even read it. Then I began to think about myself. I want my father to be proud of things I do, so maybe I do things for him and not myself also. So it helped…

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