Essay No Child Left Behind Law

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“No Child Left Behind law in 2002 brought a new urgency to the issue of poverty within the classroom.” In the article “The Class Consciousness Raiser,” Paul Tough explains how author Ruby Payne held a lecture for teachers to create a better understanding of how to connect with students of different class backgrounds. Tough also explains how Ruby Payne became successful and the observations she made that lead her there. Payne is a motivation to teachers everywhere because she believes that social class and education are compatible.
Payne is a motivation to teachers because she believes that class determines everything from eating habits, speaking patterns, and family relations. Payne presents a chart that explains how people of diverse classes view certain items in levels of importance. The chart has a breakdown of the three social classes’ wealthy, middle, and low class; the wealthy focus on social status, Middle America focus on situations, and those less fortunate focus on people and sex. Tough states that although Payne does not believe in struggle, she does believe that there is a widespread misunderstanding among the classes and that low income families are the class that is the most misunderstood. Kids of the lower class are often placed in a classroom with a teacher of the middle class, these kids have a hard time understanding what is going on around them because they are not of the same class. Payne states that although there is a way to move up in social…

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