nm,n. On the other hand the main dissimilarity of those two essays is authors view towards the society. Their ideas are very helpful for the development of our society.

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Essay Assignment #1
Length: three to four pages not including Works Cited
Evaluation of an Argument through Analysis – In this assignment, you are required to show your abilities to summarize and evaluate the effectiveness of an argument, based on your analysis of it.
Thus far in the course, we have explored the ways in which we read and analyze an argumentative text critically. Critical analysis of a text requires us to look for what the author claims (the main idea/thesis) and to closely examine how the author supports the claim (via subsidiary claims and evidence). It also requires us to examine how the author presents the claims and evidence and how he or she addresses his or her opposing views.
Write an essay in which you
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Whether the writers have the same claims or different claims about the topic, you may have noticed that the ways in which these writers argue for their claims vary in their effectiveness. Which writer’s argument is more convincing to you? What makes one writer’s argument more persuasive than that of the other writer?
Choose two essays from the readings on “Gender and Language,” and write an essay in which you compare them in terms of the effectiveness of their arguments.
Like the first assignment, you need first to closely read and critically analyze each essay in terms of its claims, evidence, and the presentation of the claims and evidence, asking such questions as the ones that you raised in the first assignment. Once your analysis is over, compare the two essays in each area, and, finally, decide on several areas (points) about which you can substantially compare the effectiveness of the two essays. They are called your “points of comparison,” and you need to prove these points in this assignment.
In your introduction, summarize the two essays, with each summary beginning with the thesis of each essay. End the introduction with your thesis statement that is focused and reflects the purpose of your essay. In other words, you need to include your chosen points of comparison and address the evaluative nature of the comparison

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