Nikki Giovanni Research Paper

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This modules assignment has afforded me the opportunity to explore one my favorite poets and writers Yolande Cornelia Giovanni Jr. better known as Nikki Giovanni. Nikki Giovanni is renowned as one of the pioneers of the Black Art’s movement of the late 1960’s. Although some may have viewed her work as controversial, she is one of the most influential poets of the Black Movement era. She is famously known for “her unabashed advocacy of murderous militancy as a proper black response to white oppression.”(pg.2096) Her writings express her love of the African American culture and experiences and support of black power and are written at a time of social change in the United States. While Giovanni’s poems deal with the social issues of the late 1960s albeit truthful, the tone can be forceful but is not angry for some of her poetry. For example, For Saundra begins with the …show more content…
Beautiful Black Man provides a salute to black men with afros and dashiki’s! She uses the slang and vernacular of the 60’s as a way of showing support to the “brothers” during the revolution. She pays homage to all black men regardless of the social status. “jerry butler, wilson picket, the impressions, the temptations, mighty, mighty sly” (pg.2079) created the musical imprint for the civil rights and revolutionary period. Knoxville, Tennessee and Nikki-Rosa speak to her childhood and the sentiments of love for family and friends, along with the importance of self recognition and loving yourself. One of my favorite Giovanni quotes is “If you don’t understand yourself you won’t understand anybody else.” Although they are written in what has become known as her the revolutionary time they have a positive soft tone. Giovanni’s writings deal greatly with issues of race and gender but captures the anger and frustration of African American’s during that

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