Inhumanity In The Book Night

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(Wiesel, Elie, Wiesel, Marion.Night, New York : Hill and Wang, 2006. Print.) In the book, Night, set in the time of the holocaust by Elie Wiesel, Eliezer’s family failed to leave their home and were taken, along with a lot of the Jewish population, to a German concentration camp called Auschwitz. He was separated from his mother and younger sister, but managed to stay with his father. Families at Auschwitz battled starvation and physical abuse. Eliezer’s father’s health became very poor because of this. They were then moved to a different concentration camp. Before the concentration camps were liberated by allied forces, Eliezer’s father died. Eliezer witnessed so much death and violence around him every day. Germany’s dictator, Hitler, was …show more content…
The reader learns that Wiesel always had a strong and divine faith in God. The Holocaust really made him question his faith. Wiesel grew up believing and learning that God is perfect and that everything in this world is a reflection of God. After witnessing these horrible events of the Holocaust, Wiesel began to wonder if his experience was a reflection of God. His faith then became very weak because he could not imagine how such a perfect God could allow something like this to take place on this Earth. These terrible events not only hurt his faith, but also in all things around him. He could not believe that humans willingly could allow themselves to do such a horrible deed to one another. Wiesel witnesses a son mistreating his father on more than one occasion while in the camp as well as a son beat his father to death. These events were caused by the terrible conditions the prisoners were forced to endure while in the camps. Many times the only thing that kept Wiesel alive was the love he had for his father. Many times he could have let himself die, but he knew his father would have no support. This shows the reader that his greatest survival motivation was his love for his father, not his instinct to keep himself

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