Nietzsche 's Views On Morality Essay example

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What Nietzsche says is that through religion “ideals are manufactured” (Nietzsche 136). And what he means is that the morals of religion are all socially constructed to suit the desires of certain people- in this case, it is religious leaders that manufacture them. Some people benefit and others who are unable to strictly follow these ideals are considered immoral and are punished. The result of using religion in this way- of using these manufactured ideals- is that people “are miserable, no doubt of it, all these mutterers and nook counterfeiters, although they crouch warmly together- but they tell me their misery is a sign of being chosen by God…” (Nietzsche 135). And that cannot possibly be truly good. Misery is sadness, and it is due to the constant punishment that these godly people bring to themselves striving to be ‘moral’. This is not what morality should be. This is not what Nietzsche understands morality to be. Which is not to say that some suffering is not good because “there is reason to think that, on this second point, Nietzsche is generalizing from his own experience with physical suffering, the worst periods of which coincided with his greatest productivity. Indeed, he believed that his suffering contributed essentially to his work” (Leiter web). But what he does mean is that religious suffering is unnecessary and does not contribute anything to humanity. There is no creativity born of religious suffering, there is only a crippling guilt there, and a further…

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