Essay on Nietzsche 's View On Truth

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Everyone thinks they know truth, actually is. The real question is, do we really know what the truth is. There are many ideas on what the truth is. Descartes and Nietzsche have an idea on what in the world truth is. Nietzsche argues that whole idea of truth is just an illusion. He says it is fake and we really tight. On the other hand Descartes proposes that truth is there in some cases, but not in others ways. The way truth is there, is Math and Science. Nevertheless, by taking a closer look at their arguments about what truth actually is, I will argue that Nietzsche position is better account for what truth actually is because it shows the reader how fixed on the truth we really are. Also, Nietzsche thinks we never question why we think the truth is what it is. The last reason, Nietzsche is on the right track is, he favors art of science. The first point Descartes makes, for what the truth actually is, what we learn in school is not what the truth is. As humans we tend to think because we know all the information from school, that is all we need to know. Descartes prove this idea in the following quote, “ I have been nourished on letters since my childhood,and because I was convinced that by means of them one could acquire a clear and assured knowledge of everything useful in life, I had a tremendous desire to master them. ( Descartes, p.3)” This quote shows this idea because we as humans think just because we learn something in school it automatically means it is…

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