Nickel And Dimed Is Food Insecurity Essay

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Another social factor that is impacting many individuals around the world and characters in Nickel and Dimed is food insecurity. According to the article, “Annually, 39 million persons experience food insecurity, Food insecurity is defined as having limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or ability to acquire foods in a acceptable way” (pg 71). This quote exhibits that large number of people face food instability meaning that they don’t have or have enough safe and healthy food to intake. An individual might believe that people who have a job should be able to feed themselves. In reality many face difficulties choosing whether to feed themselves or paying the rent in which choosing to pay the rent becomes the first option. It is surprising that a job does not promise food for many in which they start to question themselves each and every day. In addition to this the article states, “For food insecurity, we defined anyone having any positive response to the following 3 questions: in the past year did they, or their family, (1) worry that their food would run out, (2) have the food that they bought not last and not have money to buy more, and (3) cut the size of meals or skipped meals because there was not enough money for food” (pg. 72). These three questions are not just questions there are simply the answers to one’s destiny. Having food on the table is essential for every household but people whom do not earn enough they worry about…

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