Niccolo Machiavelli 's An Expendable Resource Essay

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Niccolò Machiavelli spent a large majority of his aristocratic platform defaming the many intrinsic characteristics of human emotion and experience. He consciously ignored the essential acts of care and compassion while promoting a message of fear and hate. His teachings offered detailed instructions on the succession and maintenance of a fear-abiding society encapsulated by submission. His philosophy stated that the best interest of the general public was to irrefutably follow the rule of law. To Machiavelli, a human life could be explained as an expendable resource, awaiting its designated task to serve the ruling class. On the other hand, many people, including myself, hold a human being to the highest importance of life. I, wholeheartedly, disagree with the immoral and unethical methods of terror and control practiced by Machiavelli. It is in my belief that each and every individual deserves a fair and equal opportunity to discover a life of peace and happiness.
Machiavelli clearly stated that the primary purpose of government is not to aid the people but to protect the ruler while continuing his agenda. He stressed the importance for monarchs to be feared rather than loved or hated by the populous. It was common for a prince to use cruel practices in order to keep his subjects obedient and loyal. In times of danger and war, the fear of punishment from the prince caused the subjects to protect and serve its master. Machiavelli offered counsel to monarchs by teaching…

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