New York : Human Rights Watch, 1998. Print Essay

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Collins, Allyson and Cynthia Brown. Shielded from Justice. New York: Human Rights Watch, 1998. Print.
In Collins book, on page 37 the topic Political Consideration and Aggressive Policing is discussed within the text to end the scourge of police violence. It also contains an important Supreme Court ruling that changed the outlook on the use of deadly force. Tennessee v. Garner (1985) was the court case that brought forth the ten strategies to end the use of excessive force. This was because the Supreme Court ruled that a police officer can utilize deadly force against a fleeing suspect only when there is probable cause.
Descriptions in this book could be incorporated in the set of courses for a Criminal Justice Class. The book addresses the indefinite information about law and would bring forth a broad discussion on how to prevent these drastic situations from occurring. “Promote community policing where police actually get out of their cars and interact with the community residents” was one of the main priority to police reform outlined in the text. As a reader of this article I found the information engaging and knowledgeable.
Capers, B. (2013). Crimes, Surveillance, and Communities. Fordham Urban Law Journal, 40.3, 959-992.
The author enlightens the readers on our nation being a surveillance society. In this article, Capers stated how the public can prevent crimes and assisting in the apprehension of criminals in the world. He advised everyone in the world…

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