New Purchasers Of Land On Blackstone During The First World War

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Apparently, there were no new purchasers of land on Blackstone during the First World War. Indeed it took till 1919 before John Jones, a machinist from Cleveland took the original Patterson cabin. As war demanded England 's, Canada 's and America 's attention, this is not surprising.
Although this time period of this second wave includes the 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression, the wealth of the new arrivals to the lake, doubtlessly affected by the crisis, was still sufficient to afford a summer home. It did, at least, slow down the development of the lake. As with the first wave, a majority were American 's and mostly they were from Cleveland and Buffalo. Only two came from Canada.
The Cleveland connections are complex but stem from the earlier arrival on the lake of Edward Bushnell and George Sherwin.
Their associations with the rich and powerful of Clevelanders in and around Millionaires Row of Euclid Avenue from the prior century through to the 1930s, either through clubs, organizations, firms, neighbours and marriages, brought a significant portion of this second wave. The northeastern quadrant of the lake was mainly taken by these families as that is where Edward Bushnell started and was the closest to the best access points to the lake.
Although smaller and less complex, the Buffalonian connections were still significant, and represented the wealthy and influential of the city and a bit beyond. These families took the mid- to northwestern section of the…

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