Network Design Essay

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UMUC’s new building in Adelphi, MD will have to provide networking connectivity to students, professors, and staff. In order to begin the process of planning the new network, we will begin by planning the network IP addressing scheme. It is very important that the network IP addressing scheme be clearly defined in order for IT administrators to locate computers promptly. Also, in order to make it easier for the administrators, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) will be used to assign IP addresses. The organization of the subnet layout will assist the IT administrators as well as making effective use of IP addresses. In order to differentiate between students, staff, and instructors, we will place them on different subnets. …show more content…
The Group Policy feature in Windows Server 2012 R2 allows the group setting and group policies to be configured. Windows Server provides many other services such as DHCP and DNS servers that will also need to be configured and managed in the network at the new Adelphi location.

The workstations provided for the students, staff, and instructors will be Dell OptiPLex 462-3585 Desktop PC with an Intel Core i5 3.20GHz processor, 8GB DDR3 SDRAM, and a 1TB HDD. It will come installed with Windows 7 Pro and Microsoft Office 365 for students, instructors, and staff. Also, there will be 9 printers installed which will be installed as follows: each computer lab and the student computer lab will have one printer; the library will have one printer; and the admissions office will have one printer. Instructors will be given access to use printers at all locations. The printers will be Brother MFC Series All-In-One Laser printers that will be connected thru Ethernet to the network servers but will have the wireless print feature disabled due to security concerns. The device will be managed and configured to print for authorized users only.

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