Network Building Blocks And Network Essay

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Network Building Blocks Over the past twenty years, the use of the internet and other digital networks has grown exponentially around the world. Although to some it may seem complex, these networks are relatively simple and made up of only a few parts. The major networking building blocks are workstations, network applications, the type of network, servers, and routers.
Workstations and Applications There must be workstations for a network to be present. Workstations include laptops, desktop computers, tablets, phones, or any other device made to connect to a network and do tasks. Network applications are programs and resources that can be shared through the network. Applications can be shared with everybody or have restrictions placed on them so only a few people can access them (Network Building Blocks). Without applications, there would be little need for a network to exist.
The two most common types of networks are Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Other types of networks include Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), Storage, System or Server Area Networks (SAN), Campus or Controller Area Networks (CAN) and Personal Area Networks (PAN). Networks typically require a hardwire connection, but there are also wireless networks available for people to connect to. LANs connect workstations in a small area. Examples of this would include a home computer and printer or an office building with multiple computers and printers (Lesson 1 n.d.). The…

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