Essay on Neocolonialism

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Neocolonialism The survey topic for this paper is neocolonialism. In the survey we gave a series of questions that referenced the candidate’s feelings on the United States and neocolonialism. I interviewed three people. My interviews where met with questions about the definition of this topic. Once the definition was given two of the candidates had definite opinions and the third declined for a lack of understanding on the topic. Question number one was, (Do you feel the United States of America is neocolonialist country?). In both interviews both candidates responded yes. Question number two asked how this directly affected them. Both people gave reference to the cost and hard ship it causes the country.
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I had to explain the definition, giving an example to all of the participants except one. The question of: How does neocolonialism directly affect you? There were 3 different answers, less government spending in our nation through education, social security, and health care issues. All of the participants agreed that America is a neocolonialism country. Two of the participants were young adults right out of high school and both of them miss at least one friend, because their friend is in the military. One of the participants is a retiree and had concerns of government spending. I had the same experience as my team mates. I had 4 people take my survey. None of the people new about neocolonialism. After explaining what it meant, they all had the same answer. They all thought that our country is a neocolonialist country. The first person I surveyed was a 28 year old male. He is a juvenile corrections officer. The second person was a 44 year old female. She is a store manager. The third person was a 45 year old male. He is a supervisor of a carpet mill. The fourth person was a 23 year old male. He is an electrician.
With this survey of neocolonialism was interesting. Most of the people interviewed did not know what this meant. Once I explained and gave the definition of what it means, they had a better understanding. Out of the five surveys I gave, four believe it directly affects them. An example how it

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