Neo Fremundian Or Neo Freudian Case Study

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Freudian or Neo-Freudian Psychoanalytic Social Theory is constructed on the idea that our culture and our social environment, such as childhood experiences, contribute in shaping our personality. Karen Horney is “one of the three most influential women in the history of psychoanalysis” (Funder, 2016). Horney’s theory gives a great definition of neurosis by allowing us to have a different view of a neurosis. During Horney’s clinical experience she addressed ten particular patterns of a neurotic needs. Neurotic behavior in the 20th century has been known to describe a broad category of conditions that is associated with poor functioning. Horney’s had different ways of looking at neurosis in terms of self-image, that contribute to a person’s personality. A person’s personality stem from their childhood upbringing. For example, Horney believed that a child interpersonal relationship develops aat an early age plays a role on their personality. Children who are in an environment that exhibit basic feelings of anxiety will have a negative approach on the child behavioral pattern. Basic hostility in respect to Horney’s view on personality, states “in the absence of needs such as feelings of safety and affection” (Solomon, 2016) will prompt a child to develop traits of sadness, moodiness, and emotional instability. Attempting to improved Freud’s theory Horney’s developed different ideas to help explain personality on a different level to better understand human behavior.

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