Nelson Mandela's Argument Essay

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Joseph Stalin was an avid reader, published poetry in the local newspapers and even received a scholarship to attend a school of theology. Theoretically he is a perfect fit to be a leader, however he turned out to be a barbarous tyrant and is viewed as the worst leader in history. This proves that a person needs more than intelligence to be an effective leader. There are some undeniable concepts a leader needs to advocate for in order to be successful ; they are fairness, liberty, and unity. The practice of of advocating for fairness can be identified in the history of South Africa.

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”, this famous quote asserts that if one believes in a cause, they should fight for it. Nelson Mandela was arrested for protesting apartheid in South Africa in the mid-1960s. Mandela like all great leaders believed that everybody should be treated equally. However, the South African government believed differently and Mandela ultimately served twenty-seven years in prison. Nelson never once backtracked on his belief of equality and fairness. This
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There were two drastically different approaches to approaching this problem; forgive and unite or leave the United States in hope of finding a better place to live. This idea of abandonment was introduced by Marcus Garvey , who proposed that all African Americans go back to Africa and begin a flourishing society. However, this plan was never followed through due to Garvey being deported. Martin Luther King Jr. proposed a much more sane idea, forgive all the injustice and all the races should work together to fix problems in society. This concept of unity was the central theme of his I Have a dream speech, which is viewed as one of the best pieces of rhetoric in US history. MLK undying desire for unity is the reason he is revered by many and is labeled an effective

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