Negative Stereotypes In Rap Music

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Negative perceptions of African-Americans are presented on television, movies, and in rap music. Negative stereotypes depicted of black people for entertainment date back to the blackface minstrel shows in mid-19th century. The stereotypes presented on television and film have evolved, most relating or being the stereotypes in the minstrel shows. As well, rap music and the rap music industry emphasizes negative stereotypes of African-Americans. The rap industry and music promote negative stereotypes of black people as it fuels negative stereotypes such as black men being thugs, hypersexual, and so on.

Blackface minstrel shows began in mid-19th century, they depicted negative stereotypes of African-Americans. The earliest stereotype
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White performers applied black grease paint or a layer of burnt cork on a layer of cocoa butter to create this blackface look. In the early 20th century the negative stereotypes infiltrated into film. In the early 1900 's silent movies such as "The Wooing and Wedding of a Coon, The Slave, The Sambo Series, and The Nigger offered existing stereotypes" in movies (History of Blackface). In the mid- 20th century the stereotypes made their way from film into television shows. Amos n Any and Beulah presented stereotypes from the blackface minstrel shows. Amos n Andy, even included white actors in blackface makeup portraying negative stereotypes of African-Americans, dating back to the blackface minstrel shows. (History of Blackface). Even in late 20th century television the stereotypes were apparent, in shows such as "Sandford and Son, The Jeffersons, and Good Times" (History of Blackface). "Hip hop music emerged as an extension of disco, Jamaican "Dub", rock, and R&B, while rapping emerged from MC 's who would talk over the music as DJ 's fused the various music genres for the crowd to dance" (Hart 4) in the 1970 's. Rap first began as upbeat party music, "in the 1980 's "gangsta" rap made its way replacing this "bubblegum" music" (McWhorter). Rappers started to write lyrics glorifying street violence, drugs, or promiscuity …show more content…
Also, the "magical negro" in the television program has no context to their character. "Instead, they exist solely as a support system to white characters reinforcing idea the idea that African Americans aren 't as valuable or as human as their white counterparts." (Nittle). "In the CW show, The Vampire Diaries, Kat Graham, an African American woman, is the token black best friend and "magical negro". She provides magical support to her white friends" on the program (Riley). The Black Best Friend’s main job is to help their white friend out of problems. The character is usually played by a female black woman but can be played by a male. They’re function is to “support the heroine, often with sass, attitude, and a keen insight into relationship and life” (Nittle). Their character has little to no context other than helping the white

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