Human Obesity Epidemic

Obesity is a top problem for humans in the United States. It is due to genetics, health-risk, and overeating. Being overweight can cause health risk problems and it can become hereditary. Obesity is also called chronic disease, and your body has a negative result in response. Obesity in children is also called body mass index-(BMI).There are several health risks that you can gain by being overweight such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Causes of being obesity are very risky to a human’s life. Obesity can also come from genetics. One of your parent genes can be over weighted and it passed on to you. Gaining weight can come from overeating and low metabolism. Eating habits, not dieting right, and exercising add on to the gaining weight. Changing from being obese is like changing lifestyle. (SHC).
Obesity is a common disorder in the United States. The percentage of obese human goes up each year. Many humans obesity comes from genetics. Genetics is the difference and similarity of related genes. You have a chance of being overweight if one of your parents is overweight already. Obesity can also come from genetic mutation which will make it be more a part of you. (OJ). It has been shown in the past few years that it’s not only the food and things you eat it’s in the genes to. It is not a for sure things
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It should be the health care concerns about obesity rate going up every year. It is more of a concern that children are becoming obese more than adults. Reasons why they became obese are because of it being in the genes. More reasons are because of the fast food restaurants where people go to try and get a quick meal. Also from humans not exercising the junk and fats off and not having healthy meal plan. Obesity is getting out of hand and it’s becoming more effective on the health. It is important to have good health so you won’t be risking your life and putting your heart in danger.

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