Analysis: Are Antibiotics Killing Us?

Are Antibiotics Killing Us?
Although antibiotics have made modern medicine a possibility, antibiotic-resistant bacteria will cause an apocalypse because of over prescribing to patients and distribution of too many antibiotics to livestock. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2016) defines antibiotic-resistant bacteria by saying that, “Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change in a way that reduces the effectiveness of drugs, chemicals, or other agents designed to cure or prevent infections. The bacteria survive and continue to multiply, causing more harm.” This can be current problem society faces, which could potentially cause a disaster or perhaps an epidemic. Two of the main problems that is causing antibiotic-resistant
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It explains how common cold viruses are not benefited from prescribing such medications, and it reader about the consequences of not following the prescription’s directions. Also, it gives certain steps to take in order to maintain good health to reduce the likeness of acquiring a sickness. The article says the misuse of prescription medications could occur for several reasons such as, doctors prescribing antibiotics before receiving test and actually having a confirmed diagnosis, people take leftover antibiotics for a current illness, and not completing a prescription. The Mayo Clinic lets the reader know about the sudden stopping antibiotics when you feel better and not completing the whole prescription can cause chaos with antibiotic resistance. Some common consequences of misusing antibiotics are more serious illness and disability, more likely deaths from previously preventable illness, more doctors’ visits, and the likelihood of more expensive test and treatments. Thus, the overuse of antibiotics is promoting such resistance. Also, stated in the article by the CDC, and the Mayo Clinic both credible research facilities conclude that the access to over prescribing and misuse of antibiotics is a major cause in this epidemic society is currently …show more content…
M. Kent Gibson M.D. graduate of the University of Louisville medical school with twenty years’ experience says as a physician in the health care field, it is absolutely a possibility that antibiotic-resistance bacteria could potentially cause an epidemic that could end society. The overprescribing of such medications in excess is the main problem the world is facing. Dr. Gibson says, “. It is the main problem, yes, people also have a natural tendency to evolve in drug research and as time has went on, no drugs are covering such widespread as the current antibiotics health care has

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