Negative Effect Of Tariffs

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Register to read the introduction… Tariffs have not only the purpose of protecting economies but also domestic employment, retaliation, consumers, and national security. Without tariffs the domestic market competition will force producers to reduce cost by firing employees, and transferring their production to countries with cheaper labor. However, tariffs also have its negative effect on international trade. The impose of tariffs make the cost of imports and exports more expensive, accumulating taxes to the total cost of this transaction. Many developing nations use tariff to restrict the imports of goods and services from other countries, if they believe it could be dangerous to the nation. In the same quotas limit the quantity of goods and services that foreign producers import to a country for a specify period. This is also a method of protecting employees, and domestic productions from the low prices of foreign products. Quotas can also affect consumers by increasing prices of foreign products, which will reduce the domestic market

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