Negative Consequence Of Poverty Essay

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One negative consequence of globalization I will like to emphasize is poverty.
Defining Poverty
Poverty is generally explained as the scarcity or the situation in which a person lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. It is a condition in which a community or a person lacks the essential needs to enjoy a minimum standard of living in the society (Lister, 2004). The United Nations defines poverty as the inability of getting choices and opportunities. This is explained in different scenarios as not having enough to feed and clothe a family, not having access to education and a school to go to, not having access to medical facilities or a clinic to go to, not having the land to grow food for personal consumption and/or not having the opportunity to hold a job to earn one’s living. The United Nations sees this a violation of human rights as the lack of basic capacity to participate effectively in society results in insecurity, powerlessness and exclusion of individuals, households and communities into the societies’ mainstream.
The World Bank defines poverty as a deprivation in well-being of which many dimensions are considered. These include low incomes and the inability to acquire basic goods and services deemed necessary for survival with dignity. Other dimensions included are poor
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To get back to prerecession employment levels, we must create 5.6 million new jobs. At the current pace, however, we will not get there until July 2018. To kick-start job growth, the federal government should invest in job-creation strategies such as rebuilding our infrastructure; developing renewable energy sources; renovating abandoned housing; and making other common-sense investments that create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, and boost our national economy. We should also build on proven models of subsidized employment to help the long-term unemployed and other disadvantaged workers re-enter the labor

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