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Questions and Answers Related to IGC1 Elements 1 to 5

Give the meaning of the term perception (2)
Perception is the way we see and understandthings using all our senses, experience, training and general knowledge.
Identify ways in which a worker’s H&S perception in the workplace might be improved (4)
Provide general H&S awareness training
Conduct a risk assessment and provide findings to workers highlighting the hazardous areas and activities-
Conduct safety campaigns to improve safety awareness- Conduct health surveillance to identify impairment of senses.-
Select PPE which reduces the effect of any impairment of the senses (sight, hearing, smell)
4. Give the meaning of the term Hazard and an example of a hazard (2)
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13. Outline ways in which an organisation could encourageworkers to be involved in setting and maintaining highstandards of health and safety (8)- Show management commitment - lead by example- Provide resources towards H&S initiatives - budget and manpower- Organise safety campaigns- Implement reward system- Implement discipline system- Form safety committee with equal representation- Consult with workers on issues related to H&S - new procedures, new equipment- Consistent and clear communication between management and staff .
14. Outline the purpose of an organisation’s health andsafety policy. (6)Purpose of Safety Policy is to:• Sets out management’s commitment to safety• Protect people from occupation ill-health and injury• To comply with the law and avoid prosecutions• To ensure H&S management is carried out on a cost effective basis• Set out the organisation and arrangements for controlling hazards• To create a structured approach to H&S .
15. What are the components of a Safety Policy? (3) Statement of Intent Organisation ArrangementsOutline the purpose of each of the components of a Safety Policy. (6) Statement of Intent - Demonstrates management’s commitment to health and safety and sets the H&S aims and objectives Organization - To identify H&S

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