Nazi Propaganda In Nazi Germany

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Jews were the reason for all of the troubles Germans faced in World War II. At least, that is what the public started to believe with the use of propaganda. Propaganda is anything from posters to music that a person or a group uses to get an audience to agree with their way of thinking. “The purpose of propaganda was to condition and convince people, and get them to believe in the values and ideas of the Nazis” (How did Nazi political policy affect life in Germany?). Nazis used different forms of propaganda to slander Jews, to support Hitler and Nazism. Even children were brainwashed. Nazis successfully used propaganda to get their bandwagon of anti-Semitics full. Nazi propaganda promoted anti-Semitism, or the hatred of Jews (Nazi Propaganda …show more content…
According to “Propaganda in Nazi Germany,” he was designated by Adolf Hitler to be the head of propaganda. As stated in “Nazi Propaganda,” Goebbels was the leader of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, which controlled what the public read, saw, and heard. The wish of the ministry was to make sure that the Nazi message was conveyed favorably through multiple methods. If an artist of any kind wished to have their works published, they had to gain approval from this ministry. Claimed by “Propaganda in Nazi Germany,” Joseph Goebbels held public book burnings, where books that did not match Nazi ideals were burned. Surely this shows how serious the Nazis were that their supporters followed them and only them. On account of Joseph Goebbels being excellent at propaganda, he had to create an image of Hitler as a fantastic leader. He was so brilliant with propaganda because he “used people’s fear of uncertainty and instability to portray Hitler as a man with a great vision for prosperity and stability” (Propaganda and Promises). In this time of war, Germans desperately needed someone to show them the way. Another reason Adolf Hitler was so popular was because, as reported by “Propaganda and Promises,” he vowed to get Germany to break free from the Treaty of Versailles. Hence, this meant that the payments of reparations would end. Joseph Goebbels was one of the key factors in publicizing the concept of

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