Essay about Nazi Propaganda And The Nazi War II

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Jews were the reason for all of the troubles Germans faced in World War II. At least, that is what the public started to believe with the use of propaganda. Propaganda is anything from posters to music that a person or a group uses to get an audience to agree with their way of thinking. “The purpose of propaganda was to condition and convince people, and get them to believe in the values and ideas of the Nazis” (How did Nazi political policy affect life in Germany?). Nazis used different forms of propaganda to slander Jews, to support Hitler and Nazism. Even children were brainwashed. Nazis successfully used propaganda to get their bandwagon of anti-Semitics full. Nazi propaganda promoted anti-Semitism, or the hatred of Jews (Nazi Propaganda Us). Nazis used propaganda to get many people to acknowledge and agree with their accusation that Jews were responsible for Germany’s hardships (Nazi Propaganda). In Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, he states that “[t]he function of propaganda is to attract supporters…[p]ropaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea…” (Nazi Propaganda Us). In other words, Hitler is saying that by using propaganda, you can gain followers that wish for whatever you are doing to prosper. Nazis also said that Jews were a “parasitic race that attached itself to capitalist nations to destabilize the economy and culture of their ‘host’ nation…” (10 Most Evil Propaganda Techniques Used by…

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