Essay on Nature Vs Nurture : Nature And Nurture

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In order to understand how the issue of nature versus environment (nurture) helps in understanding human and animal behaviour, it is wise to understand the concept of nature and nurture itself.
Nature is the biological (heredity) aspect or base of an individual, while Nurture is the environmental aspect or base of an individual. Also, according to Wikipedia, Nature refers to all the evolutionary factors that have shaped the genetics that we have inherited from our parents and ancestors. While Nurture refers to all the things that have influenced us since we began to develop (from the moment of conception).

Joint Contributions of Nature and Nurture
The relative contributions of nature and nurture, or heredity and environment, in the determination of particular behaviours have long been the subject of much debate. Part of the difficulty has arisen because the problem has been cast in terms of nature versus nurture or heredity versus environment. The ‘versus’ gets into the discussion because people often argue for against the other, taking either the view that a man’s hereditary nature pretty much determines the kind of person he can be, or the contrary view that men are more or less equal in heredity and that the environment in which they are nurtured determines what they become. But such arguments are really futile, for actually both heredity and environment, or nature and nurture, jointly fashion a person’s abilities, skills, and psychological characteristics. The problem…

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