Nature : Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Essays

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Life is a phenomenon. The natural world is quite transparent on the surface, but extremely complex when trying to explain the roots of man. As a result or the difficulty to accurately describe the fundamentals of the natural world, Nature has become a widely utilized theme in literature. When used as a theme or motif, nature liberates the reader’s minds, and opens up a new portal to understanding, resulting in myriad variations to many reader’s understandings of the concept of nature. Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, written by Pearl Poet features many old English concepts. It is comprised of themes such as chivalry, order, and honor. All these themes are made obvious through the details in the dialogue. While all these themes enable the poem to be in existence, one theme that is not as blatantly obvious, yet crucial to the plot is nature. In this poem, nature is depicted through both the iconic Green Knight, as well as through the lifestyle of Bertilak of Hautdeser. Both depictions are greatly different, yet they both represent the natural component to this fantastical story. Color is more than just a trick of the eyes and light. Colors are often used throughout literature to depict deeper, more meaningful concepts. The Green Knight is described as a green skinned, large in stature, supernatural being. The author could have given this odd being a regular peachy toned skin color, but he chose green. Now, while normal skin colors can be nice looking, describing the character…

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