Essay on Nature of Communication

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Organizational Communication for Survival: Making Work, Work. Richmond, McCroskey, & McCroskey (2005).


Regardless of the type of organization, communication is the element that maintains and sustains relationships in it. What person A says to person B not only can have an impact on those two people but, since organizations are systems, it also can have a meaningful impact on the total system. Your communication with your co-workers and supervisors in the organization will be a major determinant of how satisfied you are with your work, and how satisfied others are with your work. For example, in one organization where we worked, there was a very gossipy, control-oriented person who would
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Thus, the process a/communication is both verbal and nonverbal, Myth 3: Telling is communicating. Many employees and managers feel that if they have "said it to her" or "told him about it," they have communicated. They may have tried to communicate, but that is no guarantee they have communicated. It is very naive to think that this is all there is to communication. Telling is only part of communication—often a small part. People who believe that telling people something is equal to communicating with them fail to acknowledge the active role of receivers. Sources have to consider what meaning a receiver might attach to the message, what a receiver's background is, what a receiver thinks and feels. If anything, telling is only half of communicating. To be effective communicators, we have to be sensitive to the other person's views and communication skills. If your


boss makes this mistake/ you can be assured you will be blamed for the boss's mistake. Consequently, you must take an active role in communicating with your supervisor to be certain you fully understand anything you are told. Although it is not fair to hold you responsible for inadequate communication on the part of the boss/ that is the reality with which you must be prepared to deal. Myth 4: Communication will solve all our problems. For years, people have tried to convince us that communication will solve all our problems. If the wife and the husband are not

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