Nature And Nature : The Natural Beauty Of The United States Of America

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Natural Beauty has always been a staple in my life. It comes from the countless treks around the country with my grandparents. My grandma firmly believed that a summer should never be spent idle at home; she believed that we should be seeing the Natural Beauty of the United States of America. Though my relationship with Natural Beauty comes from this exposure to it. Nature’s ability to surprise me and to make me contemplate my place in the world is the true reason for my strong relationship with nature. Nature is always changing in ways that surprise me. While I have never seen a mountain range eroded way before my eyes, I know it happens. Physically the Earth’s surface is always changing, unlike a piece of art. Scruton discusses the distinction between art and nature, by stating, “Works of art are expressly presented as objects of contemplation; Nature, by contrast, is changing from day to day” (Qtd in Schiller). In only moments, the landscape around me can change forever. This was displayed when, as a young girl, my grandparents took me to see the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. We started out, taking a road that would take us through the heart of the park. However, we had to double back because of a fire that was raging in the park. We saw areas that the fire had already burned. The once green areas were now dominated by charred blackness. My fledgling eyes saw the tall, bare, white trees that still stood. They looked like headstones in a huge cemetery. Looking…

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