Nature And Nature Of Nature Essay

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Pink, red, and orange streak across the sky as the sun descends behind the mountains. It whispers to all, bidding them goodnight, but it is not a pleasant farewell. It is full of sorrow. Throughout the day it witnesses as the world goes about destroying all around it. Humanity can be full of wonder and people can achieve great things, but there is also a dark side to human nature. This darker side allows the misuse and mistreatment of the environment around them. Forests are destroyed to build cities. Pollution fills the air, soil, and oceans. Despite small attempts at protecting the wilderness around us, it is not enough. Humanity destroys so much and gives little back. However, some people recognize the beauty and peace within nature. They are the ones that bid the sun goodnight with the same sorrow in their voice. For they must live among the darkness of humanity day and night. Modern views of nature and Thoreau 's views of nature can be as consistent as the color of blood or as opposite as day and night. The similarities between Thoreau 's view and modern views: spiritual meanings and preservation of the environment. The differences between Thoreau 's view and modern views: destruction of natural resources and pollution of the environment. Many will be able to agree with Thoreau about feeling peaceful or spiritual among nature. Thoreau went to live by Walden Pond for two years and test a theory of Emerson 's. He mentions in his journal entries how he can see the works…

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